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ThetaRay wins ATMIA’s Next Generation ATM Security Award

June 12, 2018

ThetaRay received the award for our ATM Security Solution designed specifically to address the risk of unknown future threats and for our support of the Next Gen ATM Project. The awards ceremony was held at the ATMIA Security Summit on June 12, 2018 in London, UK.

“There are over 3.5 million connected ATMs worldwide, and criminals use sophisticated technologies to steal countless amounts of money from them each year,” said Mark Gazit, CEO of ThetaRay. “ThetaRay enables banks and ATM operators to secure customers, data, and cash against any threats, whether known or unknown. We are thrilled to be recognized by the prestigious ATMIA committee for our efforts.”

16 Clear Signs You’re About to Be Hacked

June 7, 2018

You got a suspicious email and a phone call? It could be a sign you are about to be hacked. ThetaRay’s CEO Mark Gazit gives advice to Reader’s Digest about avoiding the most common cybersecurity missteps that will make you vulnerable to an attack. “Assume you will be hacked, because one day you will. You can’t assume that because you live a quiet, low-profile life that you will not be a target,” – says Gazit. 

ThetaRay wins Asian Banker Risk Management Award for “Regulatory Technology Implementation of the Year”

May 24th, 2018

ThetaRay received the award for its efforts in helping a major Asian financial institution combat financial crime. ThetaRay’s AML software solution significantly increased the bank’s operational efficiency, reducing false alerts by 35% and increasing the accuracy rate of identifying suspicious transactions by more than 4x.

We are humbled to be honored by such a prestigious group for our efforts in fighting financial crime, and proud to be recognized for our innovative approach to combating money laundering,” said Mark Gazit, CEO of ThetaRay.

How the Most Powerful Financial Institutions in the Apac Region Are Applying Artificial Intelligence

May 3rd, 2018

Financial institutions around the world seem to be most quick in bringing AI into the front-office… MEDICI recently conducted a study exploring some of the most common applications of AI across regions.  Among other use cases of AI in Asian banking sector are … fraud prevention and compliance. OCBC Bank, for example, partnered with ThetaRay to use its AI solution to identify potentially suspicious transactions. The solution has reduced the volume of transactions reviewed by AML compliance analysts by 35%, and increased the accuracy rate of identifying suspicious transactions by more than 4X.

The New AI Paradigm: Fighting Fire with Fire

24th April, 2018

The buzz about tech has recently taken a turn for the negative, driven by Facebook and algorithms gone wild. Some of the leading thinkers are sounding alarms about unintended, potentially disastrous consequences of unbridled AI growth. We at ThetaRay hold a different view. Criminals have been using AI for some time now, but the good guys are also using good AI to combat them. That’s what we do at ThetaRay. This isn’t wishful future thinking; it’s happening right now. 

Millennials, beware! Avoiding Online Scams

17th April, 2018

Keep in mind: Sometimes scammers use automated software or AI. While the scam may be real, the person you’re communicating with may not be.  “The reality is that criminals — including organized crime groups and even governments — have automated their scams and are using artificial intelligence and machines to do the dirty work for them,” Gazit says.

4 Ways Millennials Can Avoid Financial Scams

17th April 2018

ThetaRay CEO Mark Gazit talks with U.S. News and World Report about how to avoid financial scams that are making the rounds on social media channels and discusses how bad guys are using AI and automated software to mastermind their fraud schemes.

AI as new tool in banks’ crime-fighting bag?

12th March 2018

Singapore’s OCBC Bank has seen a 35% reduction in the number of alerts while the accuracy rates of identifying suspicious transactions increased by more than four times after it started testing ThetaRay’s AI-based AML software. Loretta Yuen, group general counsel of OCBC and ThetaRay’s SVP of Financial Services Solutions James Heinzman interviewed by American Banker’s Penny Crosman. Read more from OCBC and ThetaRay on disadvantages of the rules-based AML systems and the role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and unsupervised machine learning in catching the bad guys.

OCBC is the first bank in Singapore to establish a dedicated artificial intelligence unit, also partnered with ThetaRay to improve AML program

14th March 2018

Among other initiatives under the AI umbrella, the bank partnered with fintech firm Thetaray to use its AI solution to identify potential suspicious transactions. The solution has reduced the volume of transactions reviewed by anti-money laundering compliance analysts by 35 per cent.

How financial cyber crime is augmented by tech innovation

2nd Feb 2018

ThetaRay CEO Mark Gazit is interviewed by Tech Republic’s Dan Patterson. Listen to Mark explain how cyber criminals are leveraging a new wave of technologies in order to attack financial institutions.

On the front lines with machine learning and AML battles

30th Jan 2018

Late last year, OCBC Bank became the first bank in Singapore to implement artificial intelligence and machine leaning in its efforts to root out suspicious activities, specifically money laundering and other financial crimes. To do so, it turned to ThetaRay, a global cyber-security and big data analytics company headquartered in Israel….

Industry-driven standards are raising the compliance bar

20th Dec 2017

“While regulators seem to compete with each other on the strictness of the requirements, companies struggle to achieve an effective compliance program that would be strong enough to meet industry expectations. What defines a compliance program as “effective” or “strong”? ThetaRay’s Financial Crimes Expert Yaron Hazan explains more to Compliance & Ethics Professional

Security risks facing critical infrastructure

21st Nov 2017

“There’s a new paradigm going on; we are seeing extremely sophisticated attacks that are able to easily exploit the legacy technology and systems used by critical infrastructure,” said James Heinzman, EVP of financial services solutions for ThetaRay…

ThetaRay included on the KPMG Fintech 100 2017 list!

16th Nov 2017

ThetaRay made it onto the annual KPMG FinTech 100 – featured as the Emerging Stars for Fraud Prevention,  selected from a list of over 1500 global fintech companies!

Singapore bank turns on AI to fight vice activities

8th Nov 2017

OCBC said its fintech business unit, The Open Vault, conducted the proof-of-concept for the software earlier in the year with another fintech company, ThetaRay…

OCBC taps ThetaRay for AI-based AML screening model

8th Nov 2017

The potential for ThetaRay’s technology to detect previously unknown patterns of money laundering promises to deepen OCBC Bank’s understanding of financial crime…

OCBC partners AI fintech ThetaRay to detect suspicious fund flow

8th Nov 2017

OCBC Bank is raising the bar on using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to combat financial crime, as it works with an Israeli fintech to boost the bank’s operational efficiency and accuracy in the detection of suspicious transactions…

ThetaRay named one of 2017’s top fintech companies!

6th Nov 2017

“ThetaRay’s financial solutions employ unsupervised machine learning to detect a vast range of unknown threats, including fraud, money laundering and ATM hacking – with laser-sharp accuracy and industry-low false positive levels…..”

Machine Learning Used to Thwart Terrorists

13th Oct 2017

“ThetaRay — which was established in 2013 and is based in Hod HaSharon, Israel, with a U.S. headquarters in New York City — has developed a program that uses machine learning to detect when a terrorist or hacker breaks into a bank or financial institution….”

ThetaRay names Benjamin Wyrick as SVP Sales, Americas

10th Oct 2017

“ThetaRay, a leading provider of big data analytics solutions, today announced the appointment of Benjamin Wyrick to Senior Vice President of Sales, Americas. Wyrick has 20 years of experience in financial services sales, business development and marketing.”

Can robots and data stop banks terror financing?

20th Sept 2017

“James Heinzman, ThetaRay’s EVP of financial services solutions, explains that one way terrorists are funding their activities, for example, is by hacking into tens of thousands of online bank accounts and transferring small amounts into their own account. These amounts are so small that they are difficult to detect or trace, but when taken in aggregate they can amount to large sums…..”

ThetaRay listed as one of Israel’s Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Startups

13th Sept 2017

“…In the words of Donald Rumsfeld, “there are known knowns and unknown unknowns” and it’s the latter that ThetaRay is focusing on with their Hyper-Dimensional, Multi-Domain Big Data Analytics platform….”

Can machine learning prevent terror financing in banks?

13th Sept 2017

James Heinzman, ThetaRay’s EVP Financial Services Solutions, explains that one way terrorists are funding their activities, for example, is by hacking into tens of thousands of online bank accounts and transferring small amounts into their own account….

ThetaRay listed among Israel’s AI start ups, worth over $3.5bn

11th Sept 2017

In an effort to track the state of AI in Israel, Daniel Singer researched and analyzed Israeli startups that are employing artificial intelligence technology. This infographic maps over 430 Israeli startups using AI technology as a core part of their offering…

ThetaRay Cited in Gartner’s 2017 “Analytics Heat Map in Banking”

30th Aug 2017

The research delves into key trends in the banking industry. Gartner found that banks worldwide are largely focusing resources into advanced analytics. According to Gartner, analytics have been “the single most important technology investment priority for bank CIOs for ten years in a row.”

ThetaRay opens London office

8th Aug 2017

The U.K. office is the latest in a steady stream of milestones for ThetaRay. Within the past year, the company has doubled the size of its workforce, and has completed installations with several leading U.S. retail banks and large European banking institutions…

Bank cybersecurity may need a new mindset

1st Aug 2017

“Interoperable technologies can also help banks detect cyberattacks that use sophisticated, seemingly random patterns,” said Mark Gazit, CEO at the cybersecurity company ThetaRay…

NAFCU – The Banking Secrecy Act – What to know & how to remain compliant

5th July 2017

“Criminals are looking for institutions that are less sophisticated. They look for points of weakness. Sometimes they can exploit smaller institutions,” explains ThetaRay EVP Financial Services Solutions Jim Heinzman.

ABI Research Report – Critical Infrastructure Security: Transportation

29th June 2017

Download the full report to read more about ThetaRay’s cyber-security solutions for critical infrastructure & transportation networks.

ThetaRay named one of Silicon Review’s Fastest Growing Companies of 2017

21st June 2017

ThetaRay’s CEO walks Silicon Review through the story of one of 2017’s hottest companies. Learn more about the market’s leading provider of big data analytics.

US News & World Report – How Banks Help Customers With FinTech

13th June 2017

A storm is sweeping the banking world, happening faster than you can grab a fistful of 20s from the ATM. But to the average consumer, and even the above-average investor, it remains as mysterious as whatever lies behind that ATM screen…

ThetaRay Cited in Gartner’s March 2017 Forecast Snapshot: User and Entity Behavior Analytics, Worldwide, 2017 Report

21st April 2017

NEW YORK, NY, April 21, 2017— ThetaRay, a global leader in big data anomaly detection, today announced that it was cited in Gartner’s March 2017 Forecast Snapshot: User and Entity Behavior Analytics, Worldwide, 2017 report. The company was also mentioned in Gartner’s March 2017 Invest Implications: Forecast Snapshot: User and Entity Behavior Analytics, Worldwide, 2017 report.

The reports discuss the User…

The Alternative Lending Report

1st June 2017

ThetaRay EVP Financial Services Solutions Jim Heinzman explains why legacy tech is to blame for the latest epidemic of synthetic identity theft.

AI & Deep Learning – addressing the challenges of the payments journey

8th May 2017

Learn more about the contribution that machines are making to solving the complexity of payments for banks and service providers, in The Green Sheet’s interview with ThetaRay’s Mark Gazit & Prof. Ronald Coifman.

INTELLIGENT RISK knowledge for the PRMIA community

5th March 2017

In this edition of Intelligent Risk magazine, we look back at the state of leading issues in 2016 while projecting views of how these issues will advance amid uncertainty in 2017….

Anomaly Detection Innovator ThetaRay Reinforces Commitment To Financial Sector With Appointment Of James Heinzman

7th Feb 2017

NEW YORK, NY, February 7, 2017— ThetaRay, a global leader in big data anomaly detection, today announced that risk and compliance expert James Heinzman has joined the company’s executive management team as EVP of Financial Services Solutions. Mr. Heinzman will oversee strategy for the company’s financial services solutions, working to increase…

ThetaRay’s Detection Center Opens Window on Hidden Cyber Threats, Fraud and Opportunities

3rd May 2016

Supports Converging Roles in Financial Services and Industrial Organizations by Rapidly Identifying Actionable Anomalies across Multiple Risk Areas

RSA 2016, San Francisco, February 29, 2016 – ThetaRay, a leading provider of big data analytics solutions, today unveiled its Detection Center, a highly visual results module that is part of the company’s new UI. It allows data scientists and domain analysts (including fraud…

ThetaRay Launches Credit Risk Detection Model for Online Lending Industry

2nd Sept 2015

TEL AVIV, Israel, September 2, 2015

ThetaRay, a leading provider of big data analytics solutions for advanced cyber security, financial risk detection and operational efficiencies, today unveiled a new credit risk detection model for online lending banks. The model helps lenders increase revenue by identifying viable loan applications that have been wrongly rejected by the banks’ automated credit risk assessments.

The problem


ThetaRay Launches U.S. Office

15th Jul 2015

NEW YORK, July 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

ThetaRay, a leading provider of big data analytics solutions for unknown threat and risk detection, today announced the opening of a U.S. office in New York. Kris Robinson, a big data expert and 30 year tech industry veteran, is joining as EVP, Americas to lead the U.S. effort and help ThetaRay grow and support…

ThetaRay Named as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Security for Technology and Service Providers

21st May 2015

Can an on-board hacker really make a plane fly sideways?

21st May 2015

ThetaRay Announces Operational Risk Solutions for Financial Organizations

16th Apr 2015

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

ThetaRay, a leading provider of big data analytics solutions for unknown threat and risk detection, today announced the general availability of its operational risk solutions for financial organizations. Based on the award-winning ThetaRay Analytics Platform, the offerings protect banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions against fraud, insider threats, money laundering, cyber attacks,…

Finding Fraud, Cyberthreats When You Don’t Know Where to Look

15th Apr 2015

Port Strategy: Hidden in Full View

11th Feb 2015

Frost & Sullivan Applauds ThetaRay’s Path Breaking Technology for Industrial Internet & Financial Institutions

10th Feb 2015

Reuters: Israel’s ThetaRay turns to maths to detect cyber threats

21st Oct 2014

eSecurity Planet Startup Spotlight: Threat Detection Specialist ThetaRay

16th Sept 2014

ThetaRay – Startup Beat Feature – Jerusalem-based ThetaRay taps big data to secure big networks

15th Sept 2014

Israeli Cyber StartUp ThetaRay Closes $10 Million Funding Round

29th Jul 2014

ThetaRay Featured in Top 10 Coolest Security Startups of 2014

16th Jul 2014

ThetaRay Wins Network Products Guide Hot Technologies Award

23rd Jun 2014

ThetaRay Declared Finalist in The Europas 2014 Awards’ Best Security Startups Category

10th June 2014

ThetaRay Wins TMCNet’s SmartGrid Security Product of the Year Award

15th May 2014

ThetaRay Wins 2014 Red Herring Europe Top 100 Award, in the Security category

9th April 2014

ThetaRay Wins Info Security Global Excellence Award, in the Tomorrow’s Technology Today category

25th Feb 2014

Israeli venture capital fund is hooked on cyber security

19th Feb 2014

Poalim Capital Markets Invests in Cyber-Security Startup ThetaRay

28th Jan 2014

Poalim Joins Investors Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) and General Electric

TEL AVIV, Israel, February 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

Poalim Capital Markets (PCM), the investment banking arm of Bank HaPoalim, announced end of January 2014 that it is investing in the startup ThetaRay which specializes in protecting critical infrastructure, as part of Poalim’s FinTech investment portfolio.

The move comes in wake of the growing…

ThetaRay announces new funding from GE

5th Aug 2013

The Classic Cyber Defense Methods Have Failed – What Comes Next?

25th July 2013

ThetaRay cyber-security experts discuss zero-day exploits, virtual money laundering techniques

3rd June 2013