Transaction Monitoring for Payment Service Providers and Fintechs

Manage cross border and domestic payments without the risk

Grow business with trusted global payments

SONAR is a cloud-native SaaS solution for fintechs to easily launch AI-driven transaction
monitoring and screening that efficiently detects and prevents money-laundering (AML)
and other financial crimes, allowing new business opportunities through trusted and reliable payments.
Using an advanced form of AI called “artificial intelligence intuition” and a family of proprietary, patented algorithms, SONAR analyzes data dynamically without relying on predefined
scenarios or models.

ThetaRay for Payment Fintechs

Transaction Monitoring

Monitor customer and partner activities to detect known and unknown threats.

Sanction Screening

Detect prohibited activity and payments to sanctioned entities.

Case Management

Access data visualizations in real time.

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Protect your customers’ cross-border and domestic payments with ThetaRay’s SONAR solution for payment service providers and Fintechs

Detect financial crimes effectively

Full Stack

“Unbiased” AI system spots anomalies in the data itself with no pre-predetermined rules.


Analyzes data as a blank slate, quickly “learning” what is normal for that dataset and spotting anomalies intuitively.


Detects anomalies (unknown activity) in any customer and product environment even if unanticipated criminality has developed.

Reliable results

Virtually no false positives. 95% of flagged transactions are detection worthy and warrant the resources you allocate them.

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