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“What we did with ThetaRay is use unsupervised machine learning to detect threats; we are the first unsupervised machine learning in production that has been ok by the regulator.”

Play Video about Payoneer's testimonial with Micheal Sheehy, Chief Compliance Officer.

Trusted Global Payments

SONAR is ThetaRay’s AI-powered SaaS AML transaction monitoring and screening solution that enables fintechs, banks, and regulators to ensure trust in cross-border and domestic payments while driving financial growth. A new breed of transaction monitoring, ThetaRay’s advanced AI method, using proprietary and patented algorithms, detects anomalies in unlimited data sets to reliably root out fraudulent transactions with virtually no false positives, delivering an effective solution for AML compliance.

Benefits of ThetaRay AML transaction monitoring

  • Accelerate partner ecosystem growth
  • Open revenue streams with new corridors
  • Increase customer satisfaction by avoiding blocking and/or slowing down transactions
  • Reduce costs of AML compliance with 95% detection-worthy alerts and 50% time saved in investigations.
  • Satisfy regulators with a risk-based AML program
  • Fast and easy out-of-the-box implementation, even within days
  • Avoid blocking and/or slowing down transactions
  • Identify unknown cases

ThetaRay Wins 2022 Fintech Breakthrough Award
for Best Anti-Money Laundering Solution

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The ThetaRay Difference

Grow business by up to 50%

Identify risks more accurately and precisely to grow business in countries and segments considered to be higher risk.

Unmatched accuracy

Detect anomalies that signal threats and radically reduce false positive alerts by up to 99%. With some 95% of flagged transactions detection worthy. Reduce time spent by analysts on investigations by more than 50% for more effective AML compliance operations.

Detect unknowns

Our proprietary AI method replaces human bias, giving the system the power to recognize anomalies and find unknowns outside of normal behavior, including completely new typologies.

Fastest time to value

Value to customer within weeks. Conduct highly complex analytics on huge volumes of data in hours instead of months.

SONAR by ThetaRay: Cross-Border Payments Monitoring Solution

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