AML Solutions for Banking

Absolute trust through risk-based monitoring

Increase Revenue with AI-Powered AML

ThetaRay’s technology combines sophisticated AI and machine learning to power AML programs of leading global banks with new-generation capabilities that can fight financial crime efficiently and effectively.

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 Reduction in False Positives


 Reduction in Analyst Time


Detection of Unknown Cases


Compliance with Regulators


Trade Finance

Retail Banks

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Commercial Banks

Unsupervised AI detects unknown unknowns

Rules-based solutions and human bias are cumbersome and limited in scope. Unbiased AI powers banks to accurately detect unknown and known money-laundering activity with high precision, reducing false alerts by up to 99%, reducing operational costs and avoiding de-risking.

Complete Banking Support

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Cross-Border Payments


Trade Finance

correspondent banking

Correspondent Banking


Retail Banking


Capital Markets

Leading Banks Choose ThetaRay

An adaptable, cloud-based, white label solution accepted by regulators, ThetaRay provides tailored and SaaS AI-based AML solutions for commercial banks, corporate banks, investment banks, and retail banks.

Corridor risk analysis

Full path risk detection on every international transaction.

Counter and 3rd party Risk

Risk detection for specific and nonspecific for all actors involved.

White Box AI

Full, auditable alert explainability for transparent reporting to regulators

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