Promotion Announcement – Barak Klein, CFO & General Manager, Israel

For those who’ve been following our remarkable journey, you know that we’ve been through some incredible changes recently: The appointment of our new CEO, Peter Reynolds, a successful funding round of $57 million, and continuous expansion of our customer base worldwide. And now, we are thrilled to introduce that our CFO, Barak Klein, is taking on an additional role as our new General Manager for Israel!

After an incredible 7.5 years serving as ThetaRay’s CFO, Barak’s impressive leadership and unwavering commitment made him a natural fit to lead the heart of our operation in Israel. Barak’s vast experience, strategic vision, and deep understanding of both our company’s values and the importance of our technology to the international financial system will be pivotal to the future success of the AI-powered Trusted Global Payments revolution.

Barak has a proven track record of driving top-line growth and innovation as well as fostering the development and leadership of those working alongside him. As CFO & and General Manager of Israel, Barak will undoubtedly inspire the ThetaRay team to even greater success.


Congratulations, Barak, here’s to a future filled with growth, success, and collaboration.

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