ThetaRay Transaction Monitoring Solution: Combating Human Trafficking with Tailored Detection

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In the unrelenting fight against human trafficking, artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning, has emerged as a powerful tool revolutionizing how financial institutions detect and combat this abhorrent crime.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Gal Bar, ThetaRay Transaction Monitoring Product Manager, who shed light on our cutting-edge approach leveraging tailored models to identify even the most insidious financial footprints linked to human trafficking operations.

Tailored Detection of Human Trafficking Footprints 

“Our solution can identify suspicious transaction patterns indicative of human trafficking,” Gal explains. “However, the true power lies in our ability to contextualize and enrich these models with customer-specific data and risk typologies.”

We collaborate closely with financial institutions and subject matter experts to fine-tune our algorithms to each client’s unique risk exposure. This tailored approach ensures the models can precisely dissect the organization’s transaction data to pinpoint money flows potentially tainted by human trafficking proceeds.

Streamlined Workflow for Rapid Response 

As a product manager, Gal’s role is to seamlessly integrate these highly customized detection capabilities into our unified platform. “We streamline the entire workflow – from data ingestion and model execution to alert prioritization and case management,” she explains. “This allows analysts to quickly evaluate potential threat leads and escalate them to the proper authorities.”

“New payment methods such as cryptocurrencies and alternative transfer mechanisms are adding complexity to the fight against human trafficking. We’re continuously enhancing our products to fit the ever-changing financial world,” says Gal. “This enables us to analyze not only traditional bank transactions but also remittances, cash payments, and any other data our clients provide.” 

Empowering Women in Tech to Protect Victims 

As a woman making a difference in the tech industry, Gal finds empowerment in knowing that her work contributes to protecting victims of human trafficking worldwide. “It feels good to be part of a product that helps do good in the world,” she says. “Even if we don’t directly prevent these crimes, our solution provides law enforcement with invaluable leads and insights to aid their investigations into human trafficking rings.”

With our tailored risk detection for end-to-end transaction monitoring, we are arming financial institutions with the power to detect and combat against human trafficking and help safeguard victims of this horrible crime.



Written by:

Gal Bar, Data Product Manager, ThetaRay

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