Transaction Monitoring for Respondent Banking

Manage cross border and retail payments without the risk

Building Payments with Confidence

In an increasingly regulated industry, respondent banks are in jeopardy of being de-risked by correspondent banks who lack insight into the cross-border and retail transactions they process. ThetaRay’s SONAR solution provides bank-grade compliance, a high rate of detection-worthy alerts and a low rate of false positives giving respondent banks the capacity to approve transactions confidently and retain long-term trusting relationships with correspondent banks. Harnessing an advanced “intuitive” form of AI to analyze transaction traffic, industry risk indicators, and product and customer data, SONAR detects close to 100% of anomalies that indicate illicit activity across complex domestic and cross border transaction paths.

ThetaRay for Respondent Banking


Bank-grade compliance, live with tier 1 banks and regulators.


High rate of detection worthy alerts and low number of false positives.


Uses KYC and product information in ongoing monitoring.

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Protect your customers’ cross-border payments with ThetaRay’s SONAR solution.

Minimize Risk and Maximize Compliance


“Unbiased” AI system spots anomalies in the data itself with no pre-predetermined rules.


Analyzes data as a blank slate, quickly “learning” what is normal for that dataset and spotting anomalies intuitively.


Detects anomalies (unknown activity) in any customer and product environment even if unanticipated criminality has developed.

Reliable results

Virtually no false positives. 95% of flagged transactions are detection worthy and warrant the resources you allocate them.

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