Fraud Detection

Out-smart and out-pace financial criminals

Fraud is coming at banks from all directions

To stay a step ahead, financial institutions need to continuously monitor every kind of transaction, across every part of their organization. They need reliable alerts of anomalous behavior, the instant it occurs. Only then can they mitigate risk, protect against losses, and defend their hard-won reputations

Detect anomalies in your big data in real time. Reduce risk and increase efficiency.

Solution Components


Employ advanced detection solutions in order to detect new credit fraud techniques. Reduce losses with accurate, early detection.


Use the most innovative solutions to catch digitally savvy financial criminals. Expand the capabilities of legacy tech with a solution built for digital banking.


Use sophisticated solutions to detect common fraudulent activity. Minimize customer risk. Eliminate reimbursement claims with accurate identification.


Accurately identify fraudulent applications, even where sophisticated bypassing methods are employed. Minimize damage with earliest identification of fraud.


Stay relevant and up-to-date in the fast changing payments market with advanced monitoring, as transactions continue to move online.

Correspondent Banking

Mitigate the risks entailed in international transfers with the world’s first correspondent banking fraud and AML solution which uses only SWIFT data.

million transactions analyzed
million Euro of previously undetected fraud
new fraud patterns

Case Study: Fraud detection for retail banking

Download our case study to find out more about how ThetaRay provided immediate ROI for a European retail bank, as well as reducing the number of alerts by over 50%.

Accurate, meaningful fraud detection

Expose previously undetected fraud

Identify both known and unknown risks, and minimize exposure by detecting threats early.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce superfluous investigations and eliminate known false positives with efficient, automatic, accurate rule-free detection

Deploy rapidly

Integrate quickly and painlessly. Experience the fastest time to value with minimal disruption to existing workflows

Thetaray | Chart Increase Holistic Icon

Increase holistic detection

Leverage every available data source relating to customer risk. Demystify your data and effectively target real threats

Mitigate damage

Improve decision making, optimize investigation processes, and train the system on new and emerging patterns

How confident are you in your ability to detect fraud?

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