Anti-Money Laundering

Identify real threats, in real time
Improve detection, efficiency and accuracy
Our advanced platform for financial crime detection provides focus on irregular activities and prioritizes transaction patterns that require further examination. Unleash the power of a combined analysis of products, customers and associated risks. Identify relevant cases at the earliest stage with minimal interruption to existing workflows. Remove data silos with a holistic approach to detecting suspicious activity. Minimize enforcement exposure, significantly reduce false-positive rates and increase overall efficiency.

Unsupervised machine learning to detect unknown events, reduce false positives, and increase operational efficiency.

ThetaRay for AML

Transaction Monitoring

Automatic, precise detection using advanced machine learning technology.

3rd Party Alert Reduction

Focus on the alerts that matter, with meaningful detection to reduce false positive rates.

KYC Risk Score Anomalies

Identify inconsistencies in customer risk scores across all processes and databases.

0million transactions
0% AML cases detected
0New patterns detected
0times more accurate

Case Study: AML for Correspondent Banking

Download our case study to find out more about how ThetaRay’s financial crime solutions detected the earliest signs of money laundering patterns for a global bank, using only SWIFT data.

Unsupervised big data analytics uncovering anti-money laundering

Increasing detection rates, accuracy and efficiency

0million transactions
0% AML cases detected
0new patterns detected
0times more accurate

Next generation AML solutions

Expose unknown unknowns

Better identify both known & unknown risks. Minimize exposure with early threat detection

Reduce operational costs

Reduce superfluous investigations and eliminate known false positives with efficient, automatic, accurate rule-free detection

Deploy rapidly

Experience the fastest time to value with minimal disruption to existing workflows

Responsive Design

Increase holistic detection

Leverage every available data source. Demystify your data and effectively target real threats

Mitigate damage

Improve decision making, optimize investigation processes and reduce exposure to new and emerging patterns
Ready to boost efficiency, savings & compliance?

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Ready to boost efficiency, savings & compliance?

Request a demo with our team