Webinar: AML in Blockchain

The use of blockchain, crypto-currencies and NFT’s has surged in recent years with the blockchain technology market cited to grow at 62.73% CAGR through 2027 reaching $65B (ResearchAndMarkets.com). Add the post-pandemic transition of digital payments to mainstream use and its clear old-fashioned rules-based and supervised machine learning solutions will not be compliant with fiat to non-fiat money movement. When addressing the AML need for visibility of fiat and non-fiat money movement, it’s clear a new standard for trusted global transactions harnessing the true power of Artificial Intelligence is needed. This session will cover:
  • What are the main challenges and opportunities?
  • What is the regulatory approach?
  • How do institutions monitor risk today and combat anonymization?
  • What would an improved monitoring system look like?

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Yaron Hazan VP Regulatory Affairs, ThetaRay

Yaron fills the position of VP Regulatory Affairs of ThetaRay. Yaron holds 20 years of diverse and broad experience in financial crimes investigations and has vast experience in the Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing, with extensive knowledge in world class standards across the financial sector.

Shaun Smith-Taylor

Shaun Smith Taylor Senior Director, Global Head of Solutions, ThetaRay

Shaun holds the position of Senior Director, Global Head Solutions at ThetaRay. Having worked within a Tier 1 UK Bank & International Fintech, Shaun found a passion for transformation and scaling businesses by product leadership. Shaun holds over 15 years of product experience with a strong focus on developing innovative products and people capabilities.

Or Lokay Cohen Head Of Merchant Services Operations, Payoneer

Or has recently joined Payoneer to manage the operation of Merchant Services. Or has a background in Cryptocurrency AML, serving as VP of Bittax, a startup company providing blockchain analysis, and risk assessment in cryptocurrency activities. Or has extensive knowledge on Cryptocurrency AML regulations including FATF standards, and FINRA AML for institutional training.