Enabling Technology Leadership Award:
AI-Based Big Data Analytics Industry – Europe

What should financial institutions look for in a data analytics AI solutions provider?

Based on its recent analysis of AI-based big data analytics in Europe, Frost & Sullivan recognizes ThetaRay with the Enabling Technology Leadership Award in AI-based Big Data Analytics Industry award.

ThetaRay receives perfect or near perfect marks in all categories including commitment to innovationcustomer purchase and ownership experience, customer service experience, price and performance value, and beyond.  The report aims to help companies that require accurate analytics solutions to discover Unknown Unknows and thereby identify threats, emerging risk and growth opportunities by accurately and reliably detecting illicit behavior in real-time in large, complex datasets.

Published by Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, analysts follow an extensive 10-step process to evaluate award candidates and assess their fit with select best practices criteria.

“Existing systems are typically rules-, thresholds- or domain-expertise based, introducing bias into the equation, and thus are unable to look for Unknown Unknowns.  ThetaRay’s platform is strikingly different because it looks at the relationships between each value in a data set. Depending on the environment, other existing systems generate on average a 95% false positive rate – roughly one true positive for every 200 alerts.”

ThetaRay received a rating of “excellent” across all categories with the top two nearest competitors earning ratings of “good.”  Moreover, the report declares that “ThetaRay has secured a competitive edge over competing solutions that use supervised algorithms which can only find the events they’ve been trained to discover, and rules-based systems which today’s bad actors can circumvent with ease.”

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EUROPE/ MIDDLE EAST/ APAC Europe Shay Dovev/ SVP Sales Shay.dovev@thetaray.com

NORTH AMERICA/ SOUTH AMERICA Benjamin Wyrick/ SVP Sales Benjamin.wyrick@thetaray.com

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