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We’re transforming the way that the world benefits from data
ThetaRay’s AI solutions pinpoint future problems, discover new opportunities, and expose blind spots within complex data sets that are growing bigger all the time. Invented by two world-renowned mathematicians, our patented algorithms detect anomalies in real time, radically reduce false positives, and uncover “unknown unknowns.” We serve financial institutions, industrial manufacturers, aviation businesses, and critical infrastructure providers internationally.

ThetaRay Financial Crimes Solutions

Rules, signatures and heuristics free, our disruptive big data analytics platform simultaneously analyzes all security and operational anomalies across multiple environments, systems and protocols.

Big data native solutions for the big data era

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ThetaRay for Financial Services

Minimize risk exposure with early threat detection. Optimize resources and boost efficiency by eliminating false positives. Deploy solutions for AML, fraud detection and ATM security.

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ThetaRay for IIoT

Monitor all systems to detect the first signs of anomalous behavior. Prevent unplanned downtime & drive more efficient outcomes with solutions for advanced cybersecurity & predictive analytics

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ThetaRay in The News

Financial institutions are increasingly turning to AI and machine learning solutions in order to catch sophisticated cyber criminals.

In this great clip from OCBC – Singapore’s oldest bank – hear from the Innovations and Compliance Teams who explain why ThetaRay’s approach to data analytics is the key to catching sophisticated money launderers and fraudsters.

World-renowned mathematicians, industry veterans and leading cyber experts


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Transform the way the world benefits from data!

Our partners

ThetaRay speaks with U.S. News and World Report

ThetaRay CEO Mark Gazit gives advice about avoiding financial scams that are making the rounds on social media and discusses how bad guys are using AI to mastermind their fraud schemes.

OCBC Bank in Singapore partnered with ThetaRay to improve AML program

The bank partnered with ThetaRay to use its AI solution to identify potential suspicious transactions. The solution has reduced the volume of transactions reviewed by anti-money laundering compliance analysts by 35 per cent.

ThetaRay is interviewed by American Banker’s Penny Crosman

ThetaRay’s EVP of Financial Services Solutions James Heinzman talks about disadvantages of the rules-based AML systems and the role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and unsupervised machine learning in catching the bad guys.