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A Radically New Way to Benefit from Data

A new way for banks and financial payment providers to benefit from data,
ThetaRay’s proprietary technology, a multi-layered AI analytics platform, can detect anomalies in multiple data sets, no matter the size or source. This cloud-based SaaS system is ideal for monitoring cross-border payments of any complexity.

Your challenges. Our algorithms.

Our core technology is data agnostic and rule free. It unlocks the combined power of multiple data sources for any enterprise.

Data Integration

A suite of tools helps ingest any structured or semi-structured data into the platform

Configuration Center

Enables data integration, processing & enrichment for optimal performance

Detection Center

Permits on-going optimization of data configurations and analyst investigations

Investigation Center

Helps manage alerts of detected anomalies, to optimize workflows and ensure regulatory compliance

A Novel Approach to Anomaly Detection

ThetaRay’s groundbreaking technology is the product of over 15 years of academic research. With their proprietary and patented algorithms, world-renowned mathematicians Professor Ronald Coifman (Yale University) and Professor Amir Averbuch (Tel Aviv University) created a new paradigm in anomaly detection. Their approach uses multiple computational algorithms to solve single problems, by fusing the results and relying on the wisdom of the algorithm crowd to yield the best results. Data agnostic, and rule free, ThetaRay’s platform is transforming the way that the world benefits from data.

Why ThetaRay?

Our market-leading solutions are built on cutting-edge machine learning technology.


Combine diverse data sources from across the enterprise in a single analytical framework


Understand the relationship of each item in a large database to every other item


Detect mathematical anomalies in the data without the bias and limitations of rules

Dimension reduction

Conduct highly complex analytics on huge volumes of data in minutes—not months

Deep learning

Grow smarter over time, and with each new data source you add to the platform

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