Industrial IoT

Unleash the power of Deep Machine Learning: Protect your assets, maximize up-time, drive more efficient outcomes.
The Rise of the Industrial IoT Era 
The explosion of connectivity and access, driven by the need to boost operations and cut costs, has ushered us into the era of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), leaving once isolated and air-gapped environments exposed. As IT & OT networks have converged, the need to gain real-time intelligence to protect your critical assets like turbines, pumps, sensors, PLCs, IDUs, aircraft engines, has become ever more vital to the backbone of the economy.

Prevent unplanned downtime – detect the first signs of anomalous behavior

Machine learning & AI for IIoT defense

Advanced cyber security

Our cyber solution for Industrial sectors protects against unknown zero-day malware, targeted APT attacks, and sophisticated Stuxnet-like state sponsored cyber-attacks that target critical infrastructure.

Predictive analytics

Identify the first signs of adverse operational events, before any impact to critical assets or can take place with end-to-end detection of unknown operational threats.

Turn insights into outcomes

In the new connected era, where billions of machines have come online, Industrial IoT organizations require a new approach to protect its critical assets. 

We help all connected IIoT organizations harness and analyze data across all environments, systems and protocols to detect and defeat unknown threats within seconds, before any impact to production, safety or revenues can occur.

Why ThetaRay for Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT Organizations across the world leverage our solutions to gain a competitive edge, improve reliability and cut costs

Eradicate unplanned downtime

Strengthen operational reliability, minimize threats with early detection

Reduce operational costs

Reduce costs with automatic, accurate user-free detection

Deploy rapidly

Fastest time to value with minimal disruption to existing workflows

Increase detection rates

Target threats that have evolved beyond legacy rule based systems

Mitigate damage

Speed up investigation with detailed real time suspicious event detection
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0million Euro fraud
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Case Study: Fraud detection for retail banking

Download our case study to find out more about how ThetaRay provided immediate ROI for a European retail bank, as well as reducing the number of alerts by over 50%.

Unsupervised big data analytics uncovering anti-money laundering

Increasing detection rates, accuracy and efficiency

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Responsive Design

Advanced Cyber Security

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Responsive Design

Predictive Analytics

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