AML for Correspondent Banking

Manage Correspondent Banking Relationship Risk with Enhanced Visibility

Intelligent AML Risk Management for Correspondent Relationships

Increased regulatory scrutiny and lack of transparency in correspondent banking networks are driving banks to de-risk by exiting relationships with foreign financial institutions. With limited visibility into correspondent networks , banks lack insight into the cross-border transactions they process. ThetaRay’s AML for Correspondent Banking solution empowers FIs with next generation artificial intelligence. More than AI, ThetaRay algorithms are guided by Artificial Intuition, which simulates the decision-making aptitude of human intuition.  Harnessing the full capability of unsupervised machine learning, FIs can now maintain and scale their global business, while mitigating counterparty risk in correspondent channels.

ThetaRay for Correspondent Banking

Holistic Transaction Monitoring

Surveil all transactional flows at the account level and throughout the correspondent network with enhanced transparency and insight.

SWIFT Analysis

Seamlessly integrate terabytes of SWIFT data into AML controls, with precise and rapid-fire analysis of complex transactional information.


ThetaRay’s advanced unsupervised machine learning technology helps FIs achieve full-path visibility into all links of the cross-border payment chain, from originator to beneficiary.

Case Study: AML for Correspondent Banking 

Download our case study to find out more about how ThetaRay’s financial crime solutions detected the earliest signs of money laundering patterns for a global bank.

Eliminate Uncertainty in Correspondent Networks

Identify Counterparty Risk

Detect third-and-fourth-party risk more effectively, using unsupervised machine learning and Artificial Intuition to identify bad actors and suspicious activity that were previously undetectable.

Decipher SWIFT Data

Optimize SWIFT data to reveal suspicious transaction profiles and unlock hidden insights.

Deploy Rapidly

Out-of-the-box design and API-based architecture enables FIs to leverage existing IT investments and rapidly deploy ThetaRay, with minimal disruption to existing processes and workflows.

Nimble Global Expansion

Use unsupervised machine learning to mitigate risk and scale correspondent banking relationships, leveraging foreign partners to support global trade and achieve agile growth.

Sustainable Compliance

Enhance operating efficiencies and shed non-essential compliance costs with agile technology that helps financial investigations unit analysts focus on the most crucial risk priorities.


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