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Fight Unknown Threats to Maximize Production, Minimize Unplanned Downtime and Protect Critical Assets

The Oil & Gas Industry is Facing New Challenges

Upstream, Midstream, or Downstream, organizations operating in the Oil & Gas sectors are all made up of a heterogeneous mix of IT and OT, with business networks, plant operations, remote facilities and off site pipelines extending thousands of miles, each featuring distinctive business objectives and a need for adapted, effective security.

The drive for technological progress in all Oil & Gas operations has been pushing the connection of previously air-gapped environments to new and smarter controls for enhanced monitoring and operational efficiency, exposing them to unique challenges and opportunities that call for a holistic cyber and operational security approach. Enterprise-grade solutions based on rules, signatures or patterns simply cannot provide adequate protection for threats that were never encountered before.

ThetaRay brings new thinking to the protection of critical infrastructure. Harnessing data from all environments and systems, we can help your organization detect and defeat unknown threats.


Introducing new thinking to the protection of critical Oil & Gas infrastructure, assets and key resources. ThetaRay helps organizations like yours harness and analyze data across all environments, systems, and protocols to detect and defeat unknown threats within seconds, and before impact to production, safety or revenues can occur.

Helping Oil & Gas companies embrace the convergence of IT and OT in a safe and secure way, ThetaRay enables your team to detect the unknown threats that are bound to emerge as you move forward into a new, connected era.

ThetaRay’s hyper dimensional big data analytics is the only solution suite that can unify threat detection from all data sources Oil & Gas companies can leverage. Data from SCADA traffic, ICS, PLCs, IT network traffic, sensor data, historian and logs, is all analyzed in parallel, resulting in automatic anomaly alerts that help teams narrow in on the very first signs of an attack or operational fault.

See how ThetaRay can help your organization detect cyber and operational threats to protect critical Oil & Gas production, refining, and transportation, before any impact to your operations can occur.
Today’s critical infrastructure networks are no longer isolated or air-gapped environments. Rather, increasingly connected by Industrial Internet protocols, organizations that constitute the backbone of the economy are in the midst of a digital revolution they must find ways to secure.

ThetaRay’s Industrial TAP-Cyber™ monitors data across all organizational environments, systems and protocols to detect anomalies that spell out the earliest signs of unknown zero-day malware, targeted APT attacks, and sophisticated Stuxnet-like cyber-attacks targeting industrial critical infrastructure.

Unlike existing solutions that monitor network traffic, ThetaRay protects machines by also analyzing machine data from critical Oil & Gas systems and devices in parallel. For example, IT networks, SCADA networks, machine data from sources like valves, pumps, PLCs, RTUs, acoustic sensors, vibration sensors are analyzed simultaneously, in real time to expose all security anomalies across the infrastructure.

Detection is automatic, not requiring manual intervention or threshold setting. There are no changes to critical infrastructure networks or operations, no big data expertise required, no dedicated users or security updates. Just accurate detection and laser-focused forensics to enable your team to uncover and stop cyber threats in their tracks.

ThetaRay Asset Protection

  • Detect the first signs of unknown malware, and targeted OT & IT-based attacks
  • Rule-free, signature-free detection mechanisms, built to detect unknown cyber threats
  • Industrial-grade detection reliability with extremely low false positive levels
  • Real-time alerts, detecting cyber-attacks in seconds instead of months
  • Rapid threat mitigation with detailed event forensics (score, device, exact measurements triggering the detection, similar events) ensuring no impact to production, safety and revenues can occur
  • Fully automated, unsupervised detection, does not require any manual intervention or big data expertise
  • Swift deployment, no changes to critical networks or operations, no rule/signature updates – ever!
  • In-depth threat visibility with built-in dashboards, reporting, and an event investigation suite
  • Easy to scale-up, simple to monitor and protect new machines and environments
Without visibility into data generated throughout the entire infrastructure, including all IT and OT environments, detecting threats and operational faults can be a difficult task. ThetaRay’s Industrial TAP-Cyber™ monitors data throughout all environments, systems and protocols, automatically detecting operational faults in real time, enabling your team to take action before operations are impacted.

To assure continuous, reliable production, Oil & Gas operations rely on ThetaRay’s Industrial Asset Protection to automate the detection of threats to their critical assets, stopping issues before they can adversely impact the organization, meeting internal governance requirements, and improving their overall cybersecurity posture.

ThetaRay Asset Protection

  • Prevent unplanned downtime – on any machine, in any environment.
  • Detect the first signs of unknown operational threats, such as equipment malfunction, misconfigurations, and imminent system outages.
  • Industrial-grade detection reliability with extremely low false positive levels
  • Real-time alerts including detailed event information (score, device, exact measurements triggering the alert, similar events), to enable rapid root-cause analysis and remediation.
  • Take action on time, before any impact to production, safety and revenues can occur
  • Fully automated, unsupervised detection, does not require any manual intervention. No dedicated users, or big data expertise required.
  • Swift deployment, non-intrusive, no changes to critical systems, networks, or operations.
  • Complete threat visibility with built-in dashboard, reporting and an event investigation suite.
  • Easy to scale-up, simple to monitor and protect new machines and environments.


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